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Marja Broersen and Jacob Heeringa

Residency Artist – Marja Broersen

Just nu vistas konstnären Marja Broersen tillsammans med sin man Jacob Heeringa i Konstbyns residens, Det är Marjas andra besök i Nordingrå Konstby och här berättar hon om planen med hennes arbetsvistelse i vårt residens.


I’d like to explore a bit more of the High Coast and the surroundings of Nordingrå. In august 2022 I already spend 3 days in the residency with my [painting] friend Sanneke Griepink. We were hoping to come together this time but I was too late with booking so I invited Jacob, who is also a very good artistic companion. Sometimes we work together by making staged photos or videos.

I would like to create more quick drawings and paintings, as well as staying longer at one place to get into the landscape. I’m inspired by the landscapes of Helmer Osslund – I saw a postcard of his work in Nordingrå Kunstby, hanging in the kitchen. I want to go back to places where I have been before, such as Gaviksfjård and Rödklittan. We also would like to go to Skuleskogen, Skagaströnd and Majasjön.

In the atelier of the residency I want to work on some paintings. At home I work with egg-tempera, in Sweden I would like to experiment with Swedish pigment or paint.


Du hittar mer information om Marja på hennes hemsida:

Du hittar Marja och hennes man Jacob på Instagram: @marjabroersen , @jmheer

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