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Lake visit Nordingra Konstby

Artist Residency – en konstnärs upplevelse

Funderar du på ett besök i vårt konstnärsresidens? Då kan det vara värdefullt att få hämta in andra konstnärers erfarenheter när de har varit hos oss på arbetsvistelse. Konstnären Anne Pincus tillsammans med Marcus Berkmann vistades hos oss i augusti i år. De bodde i residens Berling med konstnärerna Annikka Kronlid Arvidsson och Mikael Arvidsson som värdar. Läs mer om våra rum och hur du bokar här. Nedan kan du läsa Annes beskrivning av deras vistelse i residenset.

Artist residency August 2023 Nordingra Konstby

Foto: Anne Pincus

The area around Vannersta was even more beautiful than we imagined. The forests are so deep and dense and dark, the lakes so peaceful, the sea not far away with beautiful vegetation and small fishing villages. We stayed in the school house and the apartment and studio there were wonderful. As my work revolves around forest and trees, this was the perfect residency. I was able to start several paintings and works on paper. The letter press studio was also fantastic and both of us were able to incorporate some text into our works on paper.

A highlight was meeting some of the local artists, Annikka and Mika of course, who were so friendly and generous with their time, but also some of those who took part in an art event on Dalsberget and in the Konstby gallery. We were also very lucky to spend time with another artist resident at the same time. This, plus the excitement of seeing a moose and the evidence of a bear, and being able to pick chanterelles nearly every day, all greatly added to our experience. Thank you to Annikka and Mika and the Konstby team! We hope to come back!

Anne Pincus and Marcus Berkmann


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