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Art on the beautiful High Coast peninsula


Nordingrå is one of the High Coast of Sweden’s most beautiful cultural locations. A peninsula consisting of 52 villages, 52 mountains and 52 lakes, this is a place that artists have been drawn to and worked in since the beginning of the 20th century.

Nordingrå Konstby, meaning Nordingrå Art Village, continues to uphold this tradition. A cluster of artists, artisans and culture entrepreneurs that have Vännersta and its surrounding villages as their base, are together developing Nordingrå into a sustainable place to work as an artist and within the arts.

Nordingrå Konstby aims to offer a meeting hub for creators, lovers of art and culture, where artisan expertise and innovation, together in fusion can lift this part of the High Coast to an even higher level. A greater exposure to the world, providing a stronger voice for Nordingrå art.

In Nordingrå Konstby you can enjoy art, food and nature from all of Nordingrå.

At our premises you can experience and create art, meet and learn from artists and artisans in their own atmosphere, work in our coworking. Here you can also visit our art village café and shop or spend the night at our guesthouse. You can also book a place in our studios for your own creating.

In the village there are studios for letterpress, printmaking, enamel, tufting, forging and book art.

Welcome to Nordingrå Konstby!


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