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Artist Residency – the seasons


Genom rutan

Winter comes with both darkness and light and in many ways it is time suitable for in-depth work, finding focus and calm. Before Christmas the grounds are often bare and the temperature is pleasant. The days are short and the nights are dark. Every now and then it snows in November and December but generally there’s bare ground.


We often open up the art village for visitors during the advent period before Christmas. Usually we’ll open for art events and welcome visitors to the art shop and café. The programme varies every year but this is often a period with heightened activity.

Tidigare julskyltning

Photo: A display in the shop window.


Photo: Detail from the fir tree exhibition, artist: Viktoria Melinder

As a new year begins, the temperatures tend to drop and the snow comes. This brings sparkling, bright days and nights where the snow, moon and stars lighten up the atmosphere. If we are lucky, we can sometimes see the Northern Lights!

Dalsberget-i-snö (1)

Photo: The local mountain, Dalsberget

With the snow and ice, there are new possibilities for movement through the landscape, through new pathways. We can ski or ice skate over the lakes and through the valleys. Winter-spring brings more light and warmer temperatures, whilst the snow remains on the ground. It is a fantastic time to be in Nordingrå.

Fasad boktrycksverkstad vinter

Photo: The letterpress studio


Från Dalsberget (2)

Photo: View from the Dalsberget mountain.


Spring transcends into early summer in May-June, bringing long, bright days and nights. New, fresh green and blue colours emerge on the mountains and the lakes as the ice melts away. Hiking paths are available once again and the temperatures are quite fluctuating. Some days bring warm summer breezes whilst others are cooler.

_dsc0013_52124757866_o (2)

Photo: Image detail from the cafés garden. Photographer: Loreta Legzdina

During the early summer, the art village opens to visitors, firstly during Nordingrå Art Tour which occurs every pentecost weekend of the year. From the Midsummer weekend Nordingrå Konstby is open every day, with the café, shop and exhibitions welcoming visitors. This is a time where there is a lot of activity in the art village and the work studios. Many artists and art lovers visit us during this period.

During the summer the whole High Coast open for the summer, with restaurants, activities and nature activities. This time of year is suitable if you wish to combine a work period with activities and social interaction.

211298070_551700572861143_1708386417039721894_n (1)

Photo: The terrace overlooking the Vännersta lake.



Photo: View over the Vännersta lake


The early autumn is indescribably beautiful. The mountains are clad in the colours of autumn and the shifting temperatures allow the fog to settle on the valleys in the mornings. Nature is dramatic. There are still many, warm days, with crisp mornings and the hiking trails are accessible until the snow falls. In the art village, the pace somewhat slows down after the hectic summer and we settle into work mode, whilst the artists living and working in the art village return after the summer’s activities.

4ATrädgårdMyller (1)

Photo: Image from the garden

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