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Spend day in Nordingrå Konstby


In our art village, you (and your party) can take a break and relax for a while. We now offer a package called Spend a day in Nordingrå Art Village which includes lunch, coffee, a map of Dalsberget, a map of Nordingrå Art Village and a unique gift bag. You and your party take on the experience at your own pace and in the order you want. There is no fixed date for booking, rather you choose the day that suits you best. Each season a limited number of packages is released, so we recommend that you book the package well in advance of your visit. 

During the hours you spend in the art village, you can stroll through the village between our galleries, shops, antiquary and workshops and see, buy or create art. You can land in one of our cafés and enjoy locally grown, tasty and nutritious lunch and coffee. A hike up to the top of the mighty Dalsberget, the highest peak on the High Coast with a wonderful view of the whole of Nordingrå, is recommended, and then a dip in the lake Hållsjön at the foot of the mountain. If you want to extend your stay in the village with its magnificent surroundings, there are also some rooms for accommodation. Nordingrå Konstby is a living workplace for artists and artisans and therefore it is a destination that offers something new every time you visit us.

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Your daypass is valid until the end of the year of purchase, and you are free to activate it any day of choice during our open hours.

You don’t have to notify your arrival in advance. Activate your daypass in our shop on arrival to Nordingrå Artvillage, by showing your reciept in our shop.  You will then receive a bag with all the information and materials you need to spend a full day of activities in our artvillage.  The bag contains a map of the village and it’s surroundings, and marks all the places where you can explore and experience art (as well as interesting historical facts). Feel free to ask our experienced staff for further insights on the village and the artists who work here. Our calendar is an additional source of information of daily events.

The daypass also contains a discount code of 10% off one purchase in our village shop och webshop.


Example of a plan for a day in Art Village:

  • Arrival at the village in the morning.
  • Activate your package in the store. Stroll around Konstbyn: see exhibitions, art in the surroundings, visit the antique shop and one of the workshops that are open for the day. The package contains maps and information that you use to discover the village and its unique spots. See calendar for current exhibitions and other events.
  • Break for lunch in one of our cafes, where you choose a locally produced and locally grown lunch from the menu. Ask the staff to get your coffee and Swedish fika as a picnic if you wish. You choose coffee and fika at the checkout.
  • Take a walk to Dalsberget and climb to one of the peaks – or why not all five? Expect a walk of about 2 hours from Nordingrå Konstby and to the furthest peak, if you walk at a slow pace, and about 1.5 hours to the first peak.
  • While dusk is falling, you stroll down from the mountain and end the day with an evening dip in Hållsjön at the foot of the mountain.


Free parking is available in Nordingrå Konstby, but also at Dalsberget and Hållsjön. You can choose to leave the car in Konstbyn or take it to Dalsberget.

To advance your experience in our artvillage even more, the day pass can be used in combination with one of our workshops or tours. We then suggest that you hike up to Dalsberget another day, to get the most out of the experience. If you want to spend the night in Konstbyn, there are some simpler rooms that you can book via Booking.



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Your package is valid during the current calendar year and can be used on any day of your choice during our opening hours.

A 14 day return policy applies for purchase made online.

Refunds are only available in the event of illlness. If you are hindered for any other reason, please contact us and we will extend the end date of the package or exchange it for an equivalent package. A refund is not applicable.

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